[cookie_audit] This prints out a nice table of cookies, in line with the guidance given by the ICO. You need to enter the cookies your website uses via the Cookie Law Info menu in your WordPress dashboard. [cookie_audit style="winter"] [cookie_audit not_shown_message="No records found"] [cookie_audit style="winter" not_shown_message="Not found"] Styles included: simple, classic, modern, rounded, elegant, winter. Default is classic. [delete_cookies] This shortcode will display a normal HTML link which when clicked, will delete the cookie set by Cookie Law Info (this cookie is used to remember that the cookie bar is closed). [delete_cookies text="Click here to delete"] Add any text you like- useful if you want e.g. another language to English. [cookie_after_accept] Your content goes here... [/cookie_after_accept] Add content after accepting the cookie notice. You can use `do_shortcode` function to add shortcodes inside the template file.